2020 Timelapse Theme & Categories

The theme of our 2020 Timelapse Film Festival
is designed to showcase films which use timelapse techniques to

Tell Me a Story!

We are looking for more than stunning visuals,
we are looking for you, as a filmmaker, to tell a visual story.

You have the viewers attention,
now is your chance to not only entertain
but to inform. 


the beauty of NATURE 

"Tell Me a Story" about the natural beauty of the world! Show us your best timelapse sequences!

humans and NATURE 

"Tell Me a Story" about the natural beauty of the world - and our influence and interaction with it. We can have both a positive and negative interaction with our natural world. Show us! 

living in the city

"Tell Me a Story" showcasing cityscapes and industrial scenes - and how life exists in these harsh environments. Living in the city can be exhilarating, punishing and lonely - Show us!


All visual arts contains a message - and Timelapse is no exception. Think 'Koyaanisqatsi'. Tell us a story about what is happening in the world - and beyond! 


Timelapse is still in its infancy. Show the world what the Timelapse art form is capable of expressing - and how it can captivate an audience. 

iphone / mobile device

Your cellphone can take timelapse movies!  Show the world what you can do!  

The World is Watching!


The Premiere Event for the Timelapse Community - Worldwide